• Hollow2:45
  • He's the One2:20
  • Soaring in the Shadows2:57


Main Characters: (3) female / (4) male
Dance ensemble of varying length including the Headless Horseman
Townspeople ensemble of varying length

Character Breakdown:
Ichabod Crane: 30-40 – Tenor.  Lonesome school teacher from Connecticut who roams from town to town molding young minds.  Educated and cultured with a flair for music.  Desires the life of a wealthy gentleman.  Wishes to marry Katrina Van Tassel.

Brom Bones: 18-25 – Bari-Tenor – Strapping young local hero.  Larger than life both physically and emotionally.  Good natured but childish.  Rowdy and overly confident in his physical abilities.  Not well educated but street smart.  Loves Katrina but loves his freedom more.  

Hans Van Ripper: 35-60.  Baritone - Local farmer.  Strong and wise but a man of few words.   Doesn’t take to strangers but loves to scare them with spooky tales of the Hollow.  Lost his wife many years ago and he still nurses a broken heart

Henry Anderson: 18-25 – Tenor - Best friend of Brom.  He runs his family tavern and is sweet, kind and full of life.

Katrina Van Tassel: 18-25 - Mezzo-Soprano with a strong belt. Bold and feisty but quite naive – the most popular girl in town and from the wealthiest family.

Lady Van Tassel: 40 – 55 - Mezzo- Soprano.  Strong Dutch woman.  Wealthy, well-bred, gracious and elegant but never snobbish.  Appears to be satisfied with her life but in reality she mourns for her wasted youth and laments her passionless life.

Anna Jansen: 18-25 – Soprano with a strong earthy tone.  Katrina’s best friend.  Shy and living in Katrina’s shadow but longs to be noticed.  Has a crush on Ichabod Crane.
Headless Horseman: Male any age.  Athletic, agile dancer.  Expressive body as he has no lines – no head.

Dancing ensemble: Portrays the “hollow”.  Ensemble can be any size

Townspeople:  A variety of male and female of all ages and types.  Ensemble can be any size


Sgouros and Bell Musicals

          Things happen in the hollow at night.  Things we don’t speak about and things you don’t want to know.  200 years ago Ichabod Crane lost his way in the hollow and was never seen again.  Did the headless horseman get to him?  Don’t look to the kindly folk of Sleepy Hollow for answers – they don’t take to strangers.
          This musical retelling of the Classic Washington Irving tale ran Off-Broadway at the historic Players Theatre and was nominated for an Innovative Theatre Award for best original music.


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“this show also explores another darkness: that of the human heart. those old enough to miss telling scary campfire stories will find pleasant chills here, and something to think about, too.”  – The New York Times – Laurel Graber

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