Players Theatre Self Producing Artist Music Residency

Greenwich Village has a rich history of music in a variety of genres.  Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Players Theatre is dedicated to providing space for those to create. Through mentoring and a box office split this program is meant to help ensembles and presenters create a presence in New York.

Proposals should Include:
    - a brief description of ensemble or series
    - description of concert
    ⁃ number of musicians
    ⁃ link to music sample

    - marketing plan

Applicants  are responsible for producing their concert.  This would include, but is not limited to hiring musicians, music licensing fees, rehearsals and marketing.  Players Theatre will assist on marketing and consult on production.

For a split of the box office Players Theatre provides theatre, use of lights, technician and box office personnel.

If  you are NOT from the New York area you will need to be prepared to be in New York at your own expense to produce your concert.

Only one submission is allowed per applicant per round.

Please note venue does not have a piano.  In addition, for instruments which need amplification please be prepared to bring you own sound equipment.