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  • Mama's Sweet Song3:14
  • I Wish3:04
  • At Your Service2:15

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                     “Acquires its own magic” – the New York Times

Step into the magical world of Cinderella and see if the shoe fits. Meet mice that sing and dance while getting Cinderella to the ball in a magic pumpkin all arranged by her fairy Godmother, Giselle, who is disguised as the family cook. Poor Cinderella, she works all day, must deal with those awful stepsisters, and then sleeps in the cinders. But don't be too sad because Cinderella is one smart cookie. She will make it to the Prince's ball and capture his heart. Sure, she may lose one of her shoes, but what she gains is worth more than gold!

This beautiful musical by Michael Sgouros & Brenda Bell is based on the beloved French fairy tale by Charles Perrault which premiered Off-Broadway in 2010 at the Players Theatre.

Main Characters:(6) female / (2) male
Ensemble of varying length to play townspeople, footmen, Ball and Wedding Guests
Children’s ensemble of varying length to play mice and townspeople

Character Breakdown:
"Cinderella" (real name: Madeline) - Kind, yet naive with a heart of gold.  She comes from a sheltered background and is overwhelmed once Madame (the Stepmother) and her two daughters arrive and begin changing her world.  She is subtly beautiful - a true diamond in the rough.  Mezzo Soprano

Charlotte - One of Cinderella’s stepsisters.  She is ditzy and girly, with a shrill laugh but a fragile ego.  She's attractive but has insecurities about her appearance.  Alto

Bernice - One of Cinderella’s stepsisters.  She is tough and crafty, with a rude attitude.  She is older than Charlotte, and defensive of her.  She is attractive but is prone to jealousy.  Soprano

Madame – Cinderella’s new stepmother.  She is an imposing, duplicitous woman who always gets her way.  A social climber who is not interested in having a stepdaughter.  Mezzo-soprano

Giselle – The Irish cook - a pleasant and kind woman with a strong backbone.  She is very protective of Cinderella/Madeline and is secretly her fairy-godmother.  Mezzo. Soprano
Nadine/Ned - Giselle’s' clueless helper, and the only member of the staff not fired upon the Madam's arrival.  A bit cuckoo and very nervous, but otherwise kind and helpful.  Secretly a chicken.  (Role is gender neutral).  Open Vocal Range

The Prince - Handsome and youthful.  More interested in matters of the heart than most royal matters.  He is nonetheless courteous and polite to all he meets. Dignified, yet relatable.  Baritone

Francois - The prince’s high-strung page who thinks of him like a surrogate son and desperately wants to see him married and happy.  Tenor

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